Myotech Six Series Pain Free Dry Needles Multipack



Myofascial Dry Needle, German Surgical Stainless Steel, Parylene coated needle body “We’ve developed an industry specific tool that is produced in collaboration with health practitioners and researchers” Myotech six series is an industry driven product that has been developed with direct consultation from medical, health and rehabilitation industry professionals with over 30 years experience. It has been specially designed for clinicians that re-sheath in mind, with 6 needles per blister pack and one guide tube. The six series is a value for money product that rivals the Myotech Dry Needle – with each multipack containing 480 pieces, roughly the quantity of 5x boxes of Myotech Dry Needles! We continue to work with our teams in developing and innovating thoughtful products that work within the realms of the methodologies for you.


Per box AUD $70 + GST

Features and Benefits

  1. High grade German surgical steel
  2. Parylene coated needle body for maximum comfortability upon insertion
  3. Micro-channelled needle body
  4. Thicker handle with improved grip allowing better dexterity when needling
  5. Myotech enables a deeper penetration and is smooth to insert
  6. Australian designed and owned
  7. 6 Needles per Blister pack, 1 Guide tube per Blister pack, boxes of 480 Needles

Additional information

Weight 76.81818182 kg
Length and Gauge

0.30×50mm + Tube, 0.30×70mm + Tube