About Us

Red Coral is a supplier of superior quality needles and products for acupuncture and dry needling. Our goal at Red Coral Acupuncture is to help provide a better standard of Eastern and Western health care through the delivery of exceptional products in a timely manner, combined with outstanding service. Red Coral is a proud sponsor of APA accredited dry needling courses in association with Select Physio.

Red Coral Vision

Red Coral has also produced the world’s first Dry Needle. Our trade marked Myotech Dry Needles are used exclusively in Tertiary Institutions across the country as well as dry needling courses in Australia and the US. We will continue to innovate superior quality needles whilst being actively involved in education of needling for both Acupuncture and Dry Needling.

At Red Coral we have manufactured our own range of needles with direct consultation of health professionals to deliver a range of high quality acupuncture and dry needles at accurate prices that far outweighs other acupuncture suppliers on the market. We are dedicated to only carrying the best quality needles for our clients. All of our needle products are produced using high quality German surgical stainless steel, enabling the clinician to deliver a pain free acupuncture and dry needling experience to their patients.

All of Red Coral’s products are of the highest quality and are at fair prices. The Red Coral range of acupuncture needles includes the Red Coral Premium, Red Coral J-Type and Red Coral Natural and the only dry needle on the market, the Myotech Dry Needles, for clinicians wanting superior quality needles at the best available price without compromising manufacturing standards.

Karl Anderson

Upon graduating from Victoria University in 2006 some of my fellow students were setting up a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice in inner city Melbourne. These were exciting times as we all ventured out to follow our dreams after 5 years of studies. As with most recent graduates, we spent our days thinking about how we can make things better. As it turns out, one of those times, turned out to be my “Ah-ha moment”. I ventured out to bring to market better quality needles and products at fair prices.

My journey started with a 12 month Visa for China and off I went to start a business in acupuncture needles. Without any contacts, appointments or leads I was off. I had a quest for adventure and thirst for success. I stayed in Shanghai with friends and we researched factories that produced acupuncture needles. Suzhou proved to be where they were being made.

I went to all the big names firstly to understand what it was that driving the high prices and quality issues. It became very apparent that the needles being produced were inexpensive and of average quality. I went to over a dozen producers until I found a small factory that were at the time working with a US supplier we knew about. The excitement was overwhelming and the result was our first product: The Red Coral Premium Acupuncture needle.

With what little money I had left, I purchased as much as I could and headed home with the first Red Coral Needle.

Providing a superior quality product with an accurate price was what I was all about and as the business continues to grow, we still maintain this mantra. The next needle we delivered to the market was our J-type and shortly thereafter was our Natural. My vision to bring “Superior Quality Products at accurate pricing” continues to filter through as we continue to innovate. This vision would surely allow me to penetrate the Australian market, yet being the small and new kid on the block proved challenging at times. My market strategy back then and still to this day is to work alongside educators. This allows me to better understand the industry needs and to educate the students on the importance of quality needles in Acupuncture and Dry Needling.

Being involved in the acupuncture & dry needling industry was exciting for me and continues to be the most exhilarating part of my role. If it weren’t for thought leaders such as Andrew Gallagher and Jorgen Forsberg, we wouldn’t have the Myotech and Myotech Precision in the market. Working alongside these two educators, we were able to invent the first dry needle in the world. The Myotech Dry Needle was invented from science-based techniques and derived from Dr. Janet Travell and David Simons.

The creating of the Myotech Dry Needle came about from another trip to Shanghai where we met with a joint German Venture manufacturer producing high quality German steel acupuncture needles and started collaborating with their engineering and design team. Many months and iterations resulted in the first needle purely designed for the use of dry needling, trigger point therapy, myotherapy and deep tissue stimulation.

January 2013 the prototype landed and we immediately started implementing in courses taught at Select Physio through Jorgen Forsberg’s. This proved to be a massive success and the positive feedback was and continues to fuel Red Coral’s energy. We now are the only Australian company to produce all of our needles with high-grade German steel and are the world’s first to innovate a dry needle for the industry.

Our adventures continue to take us overseas and we cannot be more appreciative to our patients, practitioners, partners, educators, friends and family.