This month’s walking the talk comes courtesy of Jorgen Forsberg from Select Physio Health & Wellness Clinic.

A  longitudinal   fMRI Acupuncture study OA knees and Acupuncture

The modulation effect of longitudinal acupuncture on resting state functional connectivity in knee osteoarthritis patients
Chen et al MOL Pain 2015;11:67.
3 groups                                        Stimulation: rotation only
Low   2 needles in KJ                   12x 10 sec
High  6 needles                              4×10 sec
Sham  8 needles not in SKIN        12×10 sec
Patient Blinded
25 minutes treatments

Duration of treatment: 4 weeks with 6 treatments
Significant improvement with both treatment groups
fMRI showed:

  • improved functional connection
  • this was correlated with KOOS scores

Results: suggest that acupuncture may achieve its therapeutic effect on knee OA pain by modulating functional connectivity between the rFPN, ECN and the descending pain modulatory pathway.

– Jörgen Forsberg