Continuing Professional Development Course

Nathan McKeown

Endless Motion is available to facilitate professional development for manual therapists.

These courses teaches those already practicing Dry Needling exactly why it works, how to make it more effective and what the impact of different styles of Dry Needling actually are. Depth, stimulation methods and other variables will be explored and explained to give you a greater understanding of why the patient responds the way they do.

Using a patient centric, clinically reasoned framework, participants will not just update their Dry Needling skills, but take them to the next professional standard

Your presenter is Nathan McKeown.

Course Dates & Location

Advanced Dry Needling of the Shoulder Complex (FULLY BOOKED)

June 18, 2017, Melbourne, CBD

Accredited MMA (7pts)

Advanced Dry Needling of the Pelvis & Hip

Full Day


Advanced Dry Needling of the Torso

Full Day

Advanced Dry Needling of the Low Back

Full Day

Research Update & Clinical Dry Needling Master Class

1.5 Days