July 2017

What is your morning routine?

I recently listened to a podcast that had me thinking about how I feed my brain before feeding my body.

Everyone has a morning routine, be it getting up brushing teeth, getting dressed and going to school or work. My morning routine has evolved over time and admittedly it’s still a work in progress. However as I get older, I am finding it incredibly more important to get routined. Some of the benefits I have found over time include feeling less stressed, more focussed, better mental health, better physical strength and ultimately, capable of taking on whatever the day has in store.

I’ve listed my routine below and hope you find inspiration to get yourself in a pattern and experience some of the benefits. Keep in mind and have an open mind when you take on a routine… don’t be hard on yourself because some days, you won’t get to every one… pick the ones that you think you can easily incorporate and you’ll find that you’ll want to make time and room for more :

Vital Greens – every morning upon waking I make myself a shake of vital greens, packed with powdered greens and super foods. This product changed my working life and was a huge game changer for me when I was setting up the U.S, it has everything I need to nourish my body before starting the day.  https://www.vitalgreens.com/

Meditation – This is my happy place, 26,000 minutes under my belt and wanting more.  I use a mediation app called “Headspace” There are several different packs you can do, such as focus, communication, motivation and acceptance. Very good content and this app can also change your life.   headspace.com

Visualisation – If you cannot see what you truly desire in your minds eye you wont get it. Write down 5 realistic goals you want to achieve and visualise having already achieved them!

Affirmations – some may say these are useless but I say affirmations every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I do this when I feel like I need a helping hand from the universe, god, spirits …. Whatever I am trying to achieve even if it appears to be “positive self talk”, I speak the word and watch it happen!

Exercise – Running the Tan or training at the gym, this is what sets up my metal focus and keeps me happy, healthy and strong.

Breakfast – I like food – I especially thrive on a healthy full encompassing diet; lots of colours and textures.

Give some thought to how your morning routine can set your mental state to take on the world and have fun with it, there is no right or wrong way.

– Karl and the Red Coral Team

There’s a few changes around here

  • We welcome a new dry needling educator on board this month, Nathan McKeown from Endless Motion.
  • Nathan is the director of Endless Motion, Clinical & Professional Development Specialists.
  • To view Nathan’s background and more infomation please visit:

“…Motivated by the desire to improve his own skills and help others, Nathan has immersed himself in his interests – the myofascial system and clinical exercise…”

  • Last month saw us meeting lots of clinicians at the Podiatry Conference with DBS backed up with the AAMT 2017 conference.
  • This month we feature the launch of the latest Myotech range, the Myotech Six series. The Myotech Six series is a multipack designed with the feedback from our U.S educators.


Jörgen Forsberg is the Director of Select Physio Australia-wide, and our main man for dry needling education!

This month he shares with us another great article on Dry Needling:

“This research justifies a Neuromuscular Dry Needling approach which select Physio Australia wide courses have been promoting over the last 11 years.

Trigger point needling targeting the trigger points is only one part of needling.

Neuromuscular Dry Needling – involves not only myofascial trigger points but also: neural, connective tissue, non-trigger points around joints.

We can also needle locally , proximally or distally, depending on the irritability or the severity of the pain; or what type of responder the person is.

Just as Maitland is a framework for manual therapy, dry Needling is a “large framework” for inserting a (Dry) Needle, without injectate into, alongside or around, nerves, muscles or  connective tissues.

Dry Needling has been developed for the management of pain and dysfunction in neuromusculoskeletal conditions, not just trigger points

Dry needling is not trying to move qi or diagnosing via TCM, It is purely based on current neurophysiological research.

Dry needling looks at the mechanical, chemical, endocronological, microvascular, neural and central effects of needling superficial or deep needling into a trigger point or non trigger points.

Basically Dry needling is an multifaceted approach that targets all tissues dysfunctional tissues.”

– Jörgen Forsberg

Dry needling: a literature review with implications for clinical practice guidelines.


Here’s a list of upcoming courses in dry needling from our community of professionals. If you have a course that you’d like us to list here please send us an email.

Endless Motion’s upcoming courses

Select Physio Pain & Wellness Centre’s July Courses

  • 1-2nd July (Sat-Sun), Beginners to Intermediate, Port Melbourne, Vic
  • 8-9th July (Sat-Sun), Beginners to Intermediate, Brisbane, QLD
  • 22-23 July (Sat-Sun), Level 2 Advanced, Adelaide, SA
  • 27-28th July (Thurs-Fri), Beginners to Advanced in 2 Days (Podiatry), Brisbane, QLD
  • Bookings for all Select Physio courses can be made here:  http://dryneedlingcourses.com/courses.php

AAP Australia’s Courses in July

  • Dry Needling Introductory Course, 1st – 2nd July at Sir Charles Gairdner Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital – Physio Department
  • Dry Needling Advanced Lower Quadrant Course, 3rd 4th July at Bendat Community Centre 8:45am – 4pm


Here’s a snapshot of our recent courses. We love seeing the recent graduates finish their courses with our education partners! If you’ve got photos to share from a recent course be sure to tag us on Instagram @redcoral so we can share!