Exclusive Podiatry Course*

Jorgen Forsberg
Covers the trigger point from the gluteals to the toes

Website: http://www.dryneedlingcourses.com/courses.php

Topics include Trigger point pain patterns and Tendinopathies, Diagnosis of Myofascial Trigger Points, Gluteal pain, TFL, ITB syndrome, Knee pain, hamstrings, distal adductors, All lower musculature, Shin splints, MTSS, peronei, calf pain, heel pain etc., Achilles tendinopathies, soleus, gastrocnemius, popliteus etc, Ankle pain, foot pain, fore foot pain, metatarsalgia, toe pain, Tib post, Tib ant, ankle ligaments, tendinopathies, Joint pain, bursae pain, plantar fasciitis etc, Spinal stenosis (calf cramp) management, Superficial to deep intrinsic foot muscles, Superficial:EHB, EDB, EDL, EHL, Abd Hall, ABDM, FDB, Deep: QP,FHB, Add hallucis (both heads), The interossei, tendon attachments, Periosteal pecking and much more…, Neurophysiology of Acute & Chronic pain, Neuro physiological pain relief mechanism, Nociceptive pain – neuropathic pain, Extensive Hands on Dry Needling practice, Specific rehabilitation / Assessment for lower limb.

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