Advance Level 2 *Newly Extended

Jorgen Forsberg

Topics covered include Neuromuscular dry needling “needle smarter not harder”, The latest in trigger point science, Find SSS – Sensitized Spinal Segments, Learn unique assessment methods, Homeostatic Points / Wellness, Learn to use Use less needles & spend Less time, Objective measures pre & post needling, Needle advanced & complex areas: The whole face, temporal, anterior, lateral neck, head, TMD/TMJ, masseter for jaw/mandibular pain, Shoulder revisited – advanced needling of shoulder, Subacromial impingement, Elbow revisited – advanced needling, Hand musculature deep and superficial, All the lower leg muscles below the knee, Pelvis needling (ant, lat, posterior), Groin area and all the adductors, Important points – on the inner thigh, Needle Iliopsoas ( The LBP – Prankster), Complex knee pathologies and ligaments, All the important 4 layers of muscles in the foot], Metatarsalgia, foot pain, ankle pain, Foot tendinopathies, achilles tendinopathies, Chest, axilla, abdominal musculature, Demonstration of deeper spine needling and other advanced needling NOTE: All muscles needled have not been included, Specific treatments for sports injuries, Learn about Needle responsive areas – improve your effectiveness, Dry Needling in pregnancy, Learn to use a range of needles for different areas, Learn non-dry needling techniques: Gua sha and dynamic cupping

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