June 2016


While us here in Australia are winding down from summer festivities and gearing up for the colder months ahead, our fellow health partners in North America are opening windows and smelling the fresh air. It’s funny how a temperature shift can change your perspective and the thoughts that follow. And yet, it’s all in how we view it.

Red Coral has had a lot of twisting turns these past few months – many highs and a few little lows. All par for the course! And the only constant we know. With that in mind, we’re looking to shift our perspective to one that smells of freshly bloomed spring flowers, the feeling of sunshine on our skin and the excitement that unfolds as the weather changes. Taking all of those senses and internalizing them into our own feelings of positivity and upward growth, it is imperative that we embody the good and make a point to take it with us as we move throughout the day, the week and the seasons that come. All we know is that with each new day comes constant change. And all we can do is ride with it and mitigate the extremes with mindful thoughts.

A new month, be it whatever season your geographical area dictates, allows for a change in perspective. A shift in thinking and your approach, if you allow it. So let’s embrace the change and move with it!

A new month, a new you.

AAMT 2015 National Conference


Sean Brewster
from CEAustralia


You can take a look at the full course listing from CEAUSTRALIA here.

  • Functional Release Cupping – NEW ZEALAND (12/11/16)
  • Sports Dry Needling – NEW ZEALAND (13/11/16)

Select Physio Upcoming Courses

To register for the courses below, please get in touch with Jörgen at
info@dryneedlingcourses.com for more information. For more information, check things out HERE.

  • June 11-12th- – SportsMed NQ – Townsville – 2 spots remaining
  • July 9-10th – OPC – Port Melbourne – 6 spots remaining

Red Coral Making a Difference!

We are currently supporting ‘Hands on Health Australia’, a Not For Profit organization and are excited to share with you some background on our work reaching a global scope! Hands on Health Australia began working in India in 2009 when one of our board members, Janine Castle, established contact with our partner organisation, Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti (JJVS). Since then, we have been involved in a range of activities including a 3-year Complementary Health Care Training project (2013-2016) that saw us complete a basic training in Myotherapy techniques. Our training projects are based on the Sustainable Training, Treatment, and Employment model in which we train community health workers in basic techniques that they can use on their patients to improve access to healthcare as well as increase their own livelihood through income generation.

As part of this project, we also funded to build a volunteer residence in the office to enable us to take groups, such as Josh’s RMIT Myotherapy students, to participate in treatment camps and education programs. We are now going into our second 3-year project that aims to increase our international exposure through more student groups. Our resident Myotherapist, Aly Curd, is currently living and working with JJVS and is both treating patients, facilitating groups, and training community health workers.

For more information on Hands on Health Australia please see our website www.handsonhealth.com.au or our partner’s at www.jagranjan.org


Jorgen Forsberg is the Director of Select Physio Australia-wide, and our main man for dry needling education! This month he shares with us a closer look into motor control exercises for low back pain and whether they’re effective or not. Get the scoop here: Motor Control Exercises for Non-Acute Back Pain


Further Reading from Kinetica Core

It’s almost heresy to hear Edo Zylstra state that Dry Needling is not the only thing you need in your clinical tool box. But, as in all things rehab related, there is no one thing that improves all patients.

So why do we have such a passion for “Functional” Dry Needling (emphasis added) and spreading this tool to the masses as an incredible “RESET” for the neuromusculoskeletal system? Well, here is my most recent example…

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