July 2015


We are salespeople and it’s not a bad word. More than ever, be it as health practitioners, remedial therapists, Pilates instructors or acupuncturists… We are being compared, measured, researched more than ever so it’s important we understand a few things about how to position ourselves with patients, vendors and customers alike. Consider today’s piece a sharing on lessons learned from along the way.

  • Be honest and transparent
  • Listen with the intent to learn
  • If the answer doesn’t come to you immediately, come back to it
  • Be authentic and genuine
  • Empathy not Sympathy
  • More than anything, embrace the fire within you and the passion that’s driven you to where you are today.

Industry Notice -Looking for a Room?

Are you looking to start your practice, or perhaps another day? A gem/room has come up at a clinic in Bayside- Melbourne area? Contact Jonathan from Parkdale Chiropractic clinic 0418227565

Walking The Talk by Andrew Gallagher

Myofascial pain syndrome is diagnosed in nearly one third of patients who have musculoskeletal pain disorders and is characterized by acute or chronic nonspecific pain involving multiple myofascial trigger points. Needle based interventions and the manual therapies of myofascial manipulation, sustained manual pressure and other massage techniques are effective non-pharmacological treatments for myofascial pain

This is the first of a series of presentations that will discuss the topic of myofascial pain in detail, examining not only the current evidence based literature but also presenting an overview of myofascial Pain practice from an historical perspective as well as the context of a multimodal and multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

The sometimes-contentious issue of dry needling and its relationship with acupuncture will be discussed. The overall aim of this series is to equip the clinician with a sophisticated understanding of myofascial pain thus enabling the clinician to recognize its manifestation in the broad range of patient cohorts that present with pain as their primary complaint.

Read more at : redcoral.com.au/red-coral-walking-the-talk/andrew-gallagher-4/

Continuing Professional Development for the Dry Needling Industry

Red Coral is proud to announce it will be offering its customers access to a unique continuing education forum to develop THEIR CLINICAL EXPERTISE IN DRY NEEDLING TECHNIQUE. This is another first, having been the first manufacturer to develop a needle specifically for dry needling (The Myotech Dry Needle) we are now going one step further in our commitment to support the industry.

We are particularly pleased to bring on board Mr. Andrew Gallagher, as Director of clinical support services. Andrew may be known to many of you as the pioneer of Myofascial pain management in the physiotherapy profession in Australia. Andrew brings a wealth of experience having developed the first training program of its kind in dry needling in 1987. He’ll be continuing his involvement in the field as Director of The Myofascial Study Centre overseeing training in Myofascial dry needling for Medical, Allied Health and Dental professionals. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting opportunity and details on how to register for this new Red Coral service!