February 2016

A new year is upon us …

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Have you ever been around those really happy people and wonder what’s the deal? Well, lately, we are those people. Perma-smiles, meal-preps, positivity and vision will do it to you. Yes, even you.

Massive changes don’t happen overnight. They require small bite size changes that snowball into bigger more meaningful shifts. What we’ve learned lately is to take control over the small things. Over time, they add up. The small wins give you the self-control to make more changes.

It’s kind of obvious right, we’ve heard it all before: “You are what you eat, you’re a product of your environment, it is what it is, I have an addictive personality, I am too tired, I don’t have time, there’s this guy/guy at work” We’ve been there. We have all been there. I have been there, was there, probably still go there sometimes., but it actually doesn’t have to be that way. We are all made up of the same stuff, therefore there’s no reason why we can’t all be. We can all be the better versions of ourselves by just changing the small things. With us, it started on Sundays.

Here are some short life hacks that we are trying this New Year.

  • Start by walking outdoors without any devices, connect with your environment. If you’re riding any public transportation, watch life not your screen.
  • Instead of riding the escalator, try walking up.
  • Plan your meals., not just in your head, but actually write them out and spend the time putting them together ahead of time.
  • If you have a vision of what you want to get out of life, and what you want to accomplish. Pin-it!

Life happens, participate in it.

Thanks again to all of our wonderful partners, customers, patients and supporters!

Let’s make 2016 count!

On the Road

CSM – Anaheim I FEB 17-20

If anyone’s going to the Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim this year, come say Hello. We’ll be present with our partners in the United States – iDryNeedle. We are super excited to partner with them and look forward to an exciting 2016! http://www.apta.org/CSM/


Natural Blister Packs

Attention Acupuncturists! We are introducing a blister 10pack based on popular demand.

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Jorgen Forsberg is the Director of Select Physio Australia-wide, and our main man for dry needling education!

This month he shares with us a great article on Dry Needling called “Getting to the Point“… Dry needling by physical therapists is a hot topic. What’s fact? What’s fiction? Take a look beneath the surface.

Click here to read the article!


Things to quit this year (and sugar ISN’T one of them!)

Many of us kick of the new year with tangible goals. The focus often tends to weigh heavily on things to quit, to stop doing, to take out, to control and limit. It can be a heck of a lot of negativity – especially when we’re trying to feel good!

There’s a great deal of hype regarding sugar and it’s negative impact on our overall health. We even highlighted this in our December Newsletter because we too believe in this! But sometimes loosening the grip on our control and limited health focus is what’s needed in order to become a more vibrant and inevitably healthier you. That’s why we’ve chosen to begin the year with reshaping our thoughts, how we view ourselves and others, in hopes to become a happier and overall healthier person. One step at a time.

Read below this inspiring and motivating excerpt from the Australian health blog Health Balance Fitness – and share with us your thoughts!

The top 5 things you should quit to improve your wellness

New Year brings a renewed focus on health goals, and unfortunately so many people feel like they need to quit foods to achieve improved wellness. Over the past few days I’ve heard people saying they’ll quit alcohol, sugar, bread, dairy, gluten… You don’t need to quit these things to be healthy.

A great majority of wellness messages in the media focus on what we need to cut out in order to be healthy. More and more foods are being heralded as the most important thing to quit if you’re going to achieve longevity, happiness, success and the validation of everyone around you.

You don’t need to quit the food you love in order to be happy and healthy. And how you eat does not determine your worth as a person.

Top 5 things you should think about quitting instead:

  1. Guilt
    Try to let go of feeling bad about food, exercise and your body. Food is morally neutral and neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. You can enjoy all foods and still be healthy. Learn instead about mindful or intuitive eating, and a non-diet approach to eating. Similarly let go of feeling bad about inactivity. Try to move most days doing activities you enjoy, but if you have a few inactive days in a row don’t feel bad, just get moving again doing something you love.
  2. Shame
    Quit shaming yourself and others for their food choices, their exercise habits and their body. There is more than one path to wellness. We all have to choose our own way.
  3. Comparison
    Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the internet. What most people publish online is their most shiny, happy, glamorous moments. Comparing your life to someone else’s highlight reel is a recipe for unhappiness. Also stop comparing your body to others. We’re not all supposed to look the same.
  4. Seeking quick fixes and miracle solutions
    Every time I blink there seems to be another ‘miracle’ diet, exercise plan, or supplement that will apparently be the end to all your insecurities and help you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If we all stopped giving our dollars to the celebrities and online salespeople pushing such fads, we’d see a lot less of them! Unfollow the fads, find your own moderation.
  5. Believing you can see wellness
    Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Truly. You cannot tell by looking at someone how fit or well they are. You don’t know if they have strong mental health, absence of illness, physical strength, and stamina or if they have a disordered approach to food, suffer from mental health issues or struggle with fatigue. A person’s size cannot tell you these things. Set yourself wellness goals that are not related to appearance and let go of thinking you can see who is fit by their body size.